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Rainbow Cubes

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

We acknowledge the past and present prejudices and oppression that have disproportionately devalued people of different identities including, but not exclusive to, races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, genders, abilities, and socioeconomic statuses, and that these historical and ongoing injustices have shaped our institutions and our society. We hold equity and justice as core basic values, which we have an obligation to uphold. Voices that have historically been marginalized should be heard. All people should have equal opportunities to learn, grow, thrive, and participate within society and within academia. To these ends, we strive to create a lab that values and includes people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and identities.  We are committed to the following:

  • Recruiting a lab community that reflects the diversity of the larger community

  • Making sure everyone is treated equitably, with dignity and respect

  • Creating an open and safe space to recognize and reflect on our biases and how they can affect our actions, speech, and decisions. 

  • Cultivating a sense of belonging in the lab and a shared identity as scholars, including supporting one another’s professional and personal growth

  • Celebrating individuals’ identities and contributions


In addition to understanding that these actions are morally imperative, we recognize that both our lab and society are better off when a more diverse group of people are able to share their perspectives and talents. We recognize that creating such an equitable environment is a dynamic process, and we strive to continually learn and improve. By doing so, we hope to make our lab, and the world, a better and more just place.

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